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Multi-player board game turned into a video game for 1 to 4 players with the computer version. The physical game-board version can best be played with 2 or 4 players. The games work similar to a cross between Pachisi type games and backgammon. With the computer version, it can be used with more than one player or the computer can take over for lack of human players, and it can control up to 3 computer players for 1 player games. There are several two player games as well which only uses 2 different colored pieces with more or less similar rules as playing with 4 colored pieces and 4 human and/or computer players.

The computer version of the game also includes previews of the Zedlam USA, Zedlam Europe, and Zedlam World games.

These games work as map-based multi-stop road trip games across real maps for the game board. They are programmed to include the names and capitals of the included countries and states, as well as being able to identify bodies of water a person may click-on or touch with a touch screen device. These allow the games to also be used to generate quizzes for identifying states, countries or capitals. The quizzes can be region-based such as just asking questions about the United States, the Americas, Africa, or just European countries as well. The physical game boards for Zedlam USA, Zedlam Europe, and Zedlam World come with a separate answer key to use the game boards to learn or teach states, countries, and/or capitals the same way as the computer game does. The games were created back in the 1990's to teach capitals. The idea is to be able to name the states, countries and/or capitals of the states or countries you land on. If you don't know it, you have to look it up. You can make your own trips with as many stops on the way as you want. They are fun games to play with easy rules to learn, and are creative ways to learn or teach geography at the same time.

Download links for the computer versions are below

New: Zedlam game for Windows XP through Windows 10

See the links below to see the real board games on eBay...

New: Zedlam board game (special laminated version) (non-Pro version)

New: Zedlam PRO board game (also a special laminated version)





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