(MIM)  Decode Gold Pro 2006

 (MIM)   Decode Gold Pro 2006 - Version 12.0
 Email and newsgroup attachment decoder, (+free games built in and picture viewer),
near universal file types supported, MIME, ZIP, yEnc, HTX, UUE, BIN-HEX, etc.
* Built in viewer and creates compressed picture books and
  can combine HTML pages into a single compressed book book
* Now blocks script files on attachments
* Check attachments against known virus and worm types and warns if suspcious,
blocks .zlo, .zl9, .zl(-everything), and warns of all .scr, .pif and so on
* Can check attachments with antivirus before AND after decoding
* Decodes many types of MIME files, not just the most common
* Free version of new Cubix 2D, 3D, and 4D puzzle strategy games whether program
is registered or not
* New built-in picture viewer shows pictures other viewers will not
* Decodes and can create ZIP files or HTX multipage HTML books/picture books/catalogs
* Reformats Jpegs to be viewed by other viewers
* Recognizes some misnamed files and automatically opens them
* New Wizard can turn Jpegs directly into single easy to distribute and optionally
password protect book files
* Can decode or merge and decode yEnc, uue, and other file types




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