Cubix 2006 2D 3D 4D Game (Full Version- All levels)

This takes the popular 3D Cubix game up and down, to 4 dimensions, and in 2 dimensional levels. The older game is now built-in, plus unique new 2D games played on the same boards, called Smash, Super Smash, and Ribbon Smash, as well as 4D levels. You can play many of the same included games on all the 2D, 3D, and 4D levels. The original 3D level is always free. The all levels will work for only 2 weeks unless you register it.

All the original Cubix 3D games are here too, including The Wall's 6 levels and the triangular Tetrix level. All have been updated to a new look and faster gameplay since the 3.0 version in 1997. Also improved online play via chat, IRC or IM.





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