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map based Zedlam
  Try the free Zedlam computer map based games. See below for other Zedlam games.
Take or give quizzes on countries, states, bodies of water, or capitals.
Play multi-stop road trip games across real countries and continents.
Click here for downloading the PC versions or for buying the board game versions here or on eBay.

regular zedlam
Or get the best Zedlam game, Zedlam Pro.

The regular Zedlam games above have fewer spaces and fewer game pieces which makes for quicker games for those with shorter attention spans.

The Pro version can be played with up to 6 game pieces per player, has more spaces, and 3 dice. This makes the game more strategic, which was how it was originally designed to be played. With many more choices per turn and more spaces, game play revolves more around strategic positioning of your pieces, and less around the luck of the dice. More dice speeds the game up, but it still takes a little bit longer than the smaller board size.

For those who order the Pro version will, for a limited time, get the special 3 player board. The normal boards work well for 2 or 4 players, and the computer game can generate 1 or more computer players to make up the difference. However, due to the nature of the rules, for the game to be fair for all players when playing with 3 players on a real board game with real dice, the specially designed 3 player board works the best.

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These are the older games and programs....   
Items of interest

Virus Free - All programs have been virus scanned before release and by the major online services (such as Download.com) that may provide them for downloading.

No Spyware - Unlike other shareware programs, Scandere has had its programs reviewed and recommended by AOL, CompuServe, PC Magazine, and PC World.

ZR7 2014 / ZR FileWorks Omega

 Super Smash Plus in 2D, 3D and 4D

ZR FileWorks Mach2 2006
Cubix 2D 3D 4D 2006

X Decode Pro 2009

   2D 3D 4D   Cubix Legend  2014                          (Full Version)

  This new 2014 version of the Cubix and Smash games has many new games and many new levels. The game has now evolved far beyond the line based games from the 1990's versions. It is now mostly new games based on the Smash Games which were introduced in the 2005/2006 versions, but most of the game is entirely new. The games can be played on triangular or square 2D, 3D, and now full 4D levels (stacked Hypercubes!).

Check out the Screenshots or watch the Videos of the games on YouTube.com (Youtube.com/KulaSoftware) to see the many kinds of games it has, or download one of the shareware cuts of it to play it for yourself, and to play against others online or at home. Or better yet, purchase the whole game and all its levels today by clicking here.

Adware Free
Scandere / Kula Software programs online for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8 Desktop, are either Shareware or Freeware. Most programs continue to work in a lesser mode even if you do not register, and they never have nor ever will contain Adware. This may change with web-based or phone versions, which may be ad supported, but not for the main Windows versions. These programs are 100% made possible only because of the support of those who purchased previous versions which made these versions you can play or use today possible. It is a chain going back to the first Scandere programs on AOL and Compuserve beginning in 1994. For those who purchase a game today, you may literally be helping to build the even better games of tomorrow. Keep the chain alive. Mahalo.

  ZR FileWorks 2006

File Manager/Media Player/Decoder 
Scandere's best program. Older version reviewed in PC World Magazine and recommended by AOL and other online services. Click here for details.

  Decode Gold 2006 Plus Pack

Combines 2006 versions of Decode Gold Pro and ZR FileWorks Mach2 in a special combined Gold "registered-only" version. No passwords need for reinstalling. Click here for details.

Cubix 2D 3D 4D  2006       (Full Version)

 This game took the popular original 3D Cubix games up and down. Up to 4 dimensions, and down in 2 dimensional levels. The older Cubix  games ares now built-in, plus unique new 2D games played on the same boards, called Smash, Super Smash, and Ribbon Smash, as well as 4D levels. You can play many of the same included games on all the 2D, 3D, and 4D levels. The original 3D level is always free. The other levels will work for only 2 weeks unless you register it. Just $9.95 for all games and all levels of this version if you wish to register it to play all its games.
Click here for details.

  Omega Drive 2006

Explorer-styled vrsion of ZRFW. Shows all file details while in Thumbview and other improvements over Explorer. Easier to copy/move/organize files and built in low memory media player plus fee games included as well. Click here for details.

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